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Top 10 FREE SEO Measurement Tools

Within the constantly evolving field of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to being seen online. Using the appropriate tools is essential for organizations navigating the complexities of the internet.

The best 10 free SEO measuring tools and extensions are listed here, each of which has its own advantages and drawbacks. All of these tools are free, or have access to free SEO measurement features.

SEO Tools:

SEO Tools


The quintessential web analytics tool offering comprehensive insights into website traffic and user behaviour.

Advantage: Robust reporting, integration with other Google tools.

Disadvantage: Steeper learning curve for beginners.

A vital tool for webmasters, providing performance metrics, search queries, and site health reports.

Advantage: Indexation insights, URL inspection tool.

Disadvantage: Limited historical data.

A WordPress plugin offering on-page optimization insights, content analysis, and readability checks.

Advantage: User-friendly, actionable recommendations.

Disadvantage: Platform-specific (WordPress).

4. MozBar:

A browser extension providing instant domain and page-level metrics, link data, and keyword analysis.

Advantage: Quick insights during browsing.

Disadvantage: Some features limited to paid version.

A versatile tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, and content ideation.

Advantage: Keyword suggestions, content ideas.

Disadvantage: Limited daily searches for free users.

An SEO and website analysis tool providing instant website reviews and optimization tips.

Advantage: User-friendly interface, actionable recommendations.

Disadvantage: Limited functionality in free version.

A comprehensive suite for SEO, advertising, and content marketing, offering insights into keywords, backlinks, and more.

Advantage: In-depth competitor analysis, extensive features.

Disadvantage: Limited functionality in free version.

A browser extension tracking SERP changes over time for specified keywords.

Advantage: Visual representation of keyword trends.

Disadvantage: Limited to tracking specified keywords.

A browser extension providing key SEO metrics, internal/external link analysis, and more.

Advantage: Quick access to metrics during browsing.

Disadvantage: Interface may be overwhelming for beginners.

A simple yet effective tool for analyzing a website's backlink profile.

Advantage: Quick backlink analysis.

Disadvantage: Limited to backlink data.



These modern technologies give businesses the ability to improve their online presence, refine their strategies, and outperform their rivals in the ever-changing sector of SEO.

These free tools provide a plethora of insights to advance your digital marketing journey - regardless of your level of experience with SEO.


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